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Yael Rubin, M.A, is a business communication specialist with over 15 years of global experience
in the field of training and development, with a strong focus on presentation skills and cross cultural communication.


Vast experience with a diverse group of companies 

Working with a diverse group of companies, Yael facilitates workshops, lectures and

provides personal training sessions for senior management and professionals in leading 

organizations in Israel and abroad.


Yael lived and worked as a training specialist in the US, the UK, France, Switzerland, 

Slovenia and Israel. This extensive global experience has helped her develop deep 

insight into the complexities of cross-cultural communication.


Yael’s dynamic and entertaining sessions use a mix of case studies, personal anecdotes, 

interactive exercises and practical tools to deliver powerful messages.


Workshops, personal training and lectures 

  • Planning and delivering effective presentations 

  • Providing constructive feedback 

  • Customer service and support Cross-cultural communication skills 

  • Preparing for meetings, exhibitions and conferences abroad 

  • Writing effective emails in English

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